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Finding a free application that would allow access to a great collection of movies and television series has become a hard task in this advanced internet era. Though you may find the statement contradictory, it is true, and your failed attempts in finding such websites and applications are the evidence for it. TeaTV is an amazing app to watch anime, movies, and series. When online content is growing with such pace, developers are fierce to create more intuitive and howling apps. TeaTV apk is one such creation that got viral after its rival got banned. Teatv downloads are touching lucarative figures.

Terrarium TV was one such application which paved the way for TeaTV App, that let users stream and download an unlimited number of movies and television shows. Though there are speculations that the app will be resurrected soon, there is nothing to worry about even if it gets shut permanently as there is another app that proves to be more effective which is the TeaTV app.

How To Download TeaTV App On Android


The TeaTV is an application that is much similar to the terrarium app which was considered one of the best movie apps that gave access to numerous movies and TV shows for free. TeaTV app boasts access to almost any television show, and movie one may opt to see that too absolutely for free. Folks who love to spend time watching movies and series are advised to get this app in their device and enjoy its service as the app provides films and shows in 1080p for free without any kind of subscriptions.

Note: The app is not available on the Google Play Store. Click the link mentioned below to download TeaTV on Android. Even it’s available for Mac and Windows PC too.

As the app is not available on the Play store, you need to tweak a simple setting to make it install and run on the Android device. Simple ready your Android to download the app from open sources and the process of installation is almost done. After you have changed the setting, simply download Teatv apk from the below button.

Tea TV app

TeaTV App Best Features

Tea TV App Features

1. It is Free

Apparently, the main and key feature we expect from these kinds of apps is that we want them for free. TeaTV falls under this category and ticks the first checkbox in our quest of finding the best app for streaming and downloading movies.

2. Great Collection of Movies and TV Shows

The second feature we look for is that the movie or the TV show we opt to watch must be available within the app. Many applications that promise free streaming will have only a few collections and most of the titles we search for will not be available for download. TeaTV promises its consumers never to press the back button in dismay as they have a great collection of films and TV shows in all genres including your favorite animes with English subtitles.

3. HD Trailers

The application not only hosts movies and TV shows but also high definition trailers of them which one may have a look at before downloading the full content. This will give you an idea about the particular media which will help you decide whether you want to accommodate it within your device or not.

4. Smooth User Interface

An application’s user interface is an important factor in determining its quality. Most of us look for an app or website that has a smooth and straightforward user interface, and TeaTV employs one which you will realize after taking a look at its website.

5. User-Friendly Design

The design of the website and the TeaTV app is highly impressive as it comprises many key features in a simple and attractive design. The search bar allows you to search your favorites which can also be sorted by selecting a genre and year. There is also a chat icon available at the bottom right of the screen which may be used in case of any queries. Media are available from 360p to 1080p which one can make use of depending upon his data and memory balance.

6. Available for Windows, Mac, and Android

Similar to a freeflix app, TeaTV app is that it is available for all the three major platforms such as the Windows, Mac, and Android. Not all apps which have the features mentioned above are available on all the three platforms. Another thing is that the app is also free on all three platforms and proves to be working well without any technical glitches.

7. Sans Annoying Ads

Having a look at the link given below will show you that the TeaTV app is absolutely free from annoying ads. Most of us would have experienced the irritating process of closing ads while clicking the play or download button which will redirect us to some other website. There is no such problem with the TeaTv app as it promises an ad-free campaign.

Ending With

The internet has answers to most of our questions, but sometimes we have to search through the search results to find what we seek which is a tiring process for many. To relieve people from committing themselves to such a draining process, we have already mentioned the process for Teatv app download and where to get it. But take a mature suggestion from me and shift toward more legal stuff already available on google play store.

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