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If you’re too tired to step out after a long week of work or need a cure for boredom while you’re on the move, I have the perfect solution for you. It goes by the name- Showbox Many of us still watch entertainment on our TV sets. Some have gone ahead and cut the cord, turning towards Free Live streaming services. However, neither of those two options enable movie and TV buffs to access the latest releases without an expensive subscription. That’s why I love Showbox online streaming.

It is an excellent Android app that became a global sensation soon after its launch and it’s not hard to see why. Showbox android allows you to stream as well as download movies and TV series(for later offline watching) on your device, in HD/720p.

Can’t Find the Showbox Android Apk?

By now, you’ve perhaps already searched for the application on Google Play store(If you want to earn Free Google Play Credits, click here). Unfortunately, you wouldn’t find it there! Showbox is an unofficial app that needs to be side-loaded separately by installing the APK file from a credible source like

I’ll tell you all about that in detail a little later in the article. For now, let’s have a what the free service offers and any other concern that you may have regarding the app. 

Showbox Online Content

Showbox has an extensive library of content with currently over 10000 movie and TV show titles. Furthermore, the catalog is updated on a daily basis, as and when a new release becomes available with the various content sources. Speaking of content sources, the application gets its movies and TV shows from both P2P and non-P2P sources, with an incredible level of anonymity. This is why its hard to say where this free movie service pulls its media from, but what I have heard( I am not sure) is that its servers are hosted on a Russian social network.

Aside from movies and TV series, users can also browse through the News section on Showbox for the latest updates, announcements, and gossip related to entertainment. What’s more? You can even watch trailers of upcoming movies.  

Close attention to small details is what makes me a fan of Showbox app. There are a few small things that will leave you amused when you notice it. Like the New Releases tab shows a number on top of it which depicts the number of new releases updated on the app. When you click on it, you can see distinguished new releases of shows, movies along with its numbers. Other small but very useful feature is the My panel. Here, you can see only the updates of your favorite TV series so that you don’t have to search for the TV shows you are watching. Tiny adorable features are why Showbox TV is so loved and famous among us free watchers today.

Download Showbox Apk Latest Version

Though Showbox is an app that has been created specially for Android users. Now though, it is also available for blackberry. You can’t get an online movie app like Showbox on your iOS probably because of its rigid security. It’s a hoax that has been created making people believe its present in iOS. You can always use an Android simulator on your Mac, or PC and then run Showbox online in it.

The Interface

Showbox for Android is an extremely well-built software, offering a premium feel in terms of design and functionality. The interface is so simple and straightforward that even a first-time user will use it like a pro. Recently, the Showbox apk underwent a major upgrade with tweaks in its logo, design, and interface. The pages and its content load way faster than they did before. Of course, if you compare the load-speed with a paid service like Netflix, Showbox is not close. However, it definitely beats other free streaming services.

Navigation and browsing are made easy with the Showbox app. The homepage displays all the current news regarding movies/TV series by default. You can click on the burger icon on the top left corner and select a category from a vast legion of categories listed such as Trending, Movies, TV Shows, News, Trailers, and New Releases. The content can be filtered by their genre and either the date added or release year.

Once you’ve selected a title, the application will show you information such as the IMDB rating, genre, release date, and a plot brief. All you have to do is select the video quality in which you wish to watch it (360p, 480p, or 720p), and either choose to Watch now or Download in case you want to watch it offline. Showbox HD also enables users to create wish lists or mark a particular title as their favorite so that you can find your selection easily the next time you log on.

Is It Legal & Safe To Use Showbox Online?

Showbox app does come with a few risks. Firstly, it isn’t available on Google play store. That means that the software hasn’t undergone strict testing procedures by Google so we can’t be sure if the apk file is free of viruses.  Therefore, users are at risk of infecting their devices with malware which can further slow down the device and even drain the battery quicker than usual.

That said, the brunt of using this app is not significant enough to avoid using it altogether. If you’re too worried, you can always use a VPN service or use standard file formats like AVI and MKV. Alternatively, you can choose to just stream and not download because the sources are unknown.  

Is Showbox Legal?

As a matter of fact, Showbox for Android is not a legal service. However, in practice, the legality of using the app will depend upon the existing laws in your location. Normally, its okay to stream (but not download) content without getting into trouble. Authorities usually go for the distributors rather the tracking down the end-users because there are so many. However, its surely unethical to access someone else’s work for free, without their permission.


Showbox is a great initiative towards providing high-quality content to entertainment seekers for free. Despite all the controversies surrounding the software, it is worth giving it a try especially if you’re looking for the latest releases.

The user experience of the application is sleek and easy which may force you to choose this service over others. The attention given to the small details is what makes this app so loved. However, due to the legal issues and past shut down of Showbox, I would advise you to use the app with some caution.  

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