Is The Game of Thrones on Netflix?

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Is Game of Thrones on Netflix? This question has been haunting on several people’s mind. The majority of people who are Netflix subscribers want to know whether the most popular and widely famous TV series” Game of Thrones” is streaming on Netflix or not?

With the latest 7th season coming up, there is a great rage among the viewers to watch Game of Thrones on Netflix. Although the show is racing towards the closure, the 7th season would be comparatively short than its previous seasons but would have few longer episodes as well.

So, Games of Thrones on Netflix?

Sadly, Game of Thrones is not available to stream on Netflix. The world-recognised books by George R.R Martin were made into TV series as Game of Thrones which has successfully completed six seasons backed by HBO. The reason behind the nonstreaming of Game of Thrones on Netflix is the rivalry between the two entertainment options.

HBO itself is a premium channel and to not share the entertainment space HBO and Netflix have never teamed up. Since the inception till now, not a single episode has been available on Netflix. In fact, HBO hardly streams its content anywhere else. A few years back some of the TV series used to air on Amazon prime but that too were removed owing to the expiry.

Even though there is huge demand of Game of Thrones on Netflix, the wish cannot be fulfilled owing to the rivalry among HBO and Netflix. Netflix and HBO do not distribute their shows and either of them is not willing to bow down.

 GOT is a moneymaker for HBO which is why it surely won’t want to share the profits with Netflix.

 What Else Can You Watch On Netflix?

It is not that Game of Thrones is not available for users to watch anywhere. People residing in the US can stream Game of Thrones via HBO Go and HBO Now. In  UK, NowTV airs Game of Thrones older as well as new episodes along with the full seasons after it is aired in US.

Even though there is no Game of Thrones on Netflix, there are several other original programs and TV series are aired on Netflix which are quite popular among the audiences. Few of these shows are Sense8, The Crown, Marco Polo etc. Netflix has the widest media library for users to binge watch and entertains themselves. Netflix has been constantly trying to match the taste of its subscribers.

With regular updates and new seasons and episodes of the V series, Users are addicted to watching Shows, Movies, Documentaries etc on Netflix.

Ending With

It is indeed not a very good news for Netflix subscribers that GOT season 7 won’t be streamed on Netflix. Viewers are gradually switching from their cable TV to online streaming services now and it’s been trending all over the world. With so many premium-streaming services available, users can subscribe to any of their choice depending upon the media content and cost factor.

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