A Beginner’s Guide To Hulu Live TV

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Just like Netflix, Hulu is also gaining popularity as one of the places where we can watch videos of our favorite movies and TV shows. A number of popular names are associated with this Hulu Live TV like The Walt Disney Company and many others. This live streaming of TV channels streams a number of episodes of television series from the networks it has a partnership with.

In the year 2016 Hulu collaborated its free subscription with Yahoo and started a new channel known as the Yahoo View. Yahoo view is just a way to watch Hulu free content. This was done to promote Hulu paid service. Recently Hulu has come up with live television streaming which started from 3rd May 2017.

With Hulu Live TV one get access to more than 50+ channels live that include tv shows, sports, entertainment, and news. Also, NFL will be live on Hulu. So, let’s explore live service further.

Hulu Live Basic Features

1. With the Hulu Live tv streaming library, you can watch your favorite sports or breaking news, all the events and current shows at one place.

2. Live games can now be watched anywhere, anytime. Streaming live games were never so easy! With Hulu Live you can now stream live games from NFL, NHL, NBA and also watch national and local sports channels on the go.

3. Live news can now be watched now from channels like CNN, MSNBC or FOX News as well as from local news channels with HULU Live News. Never miss any breaking news anymore!

4. With Hulu, you have something for each member at your home. The Kids profile helps young viewers enjoy movies and shows which are kid-friendly. Channels which kids can enjoy include Disney Channel, Cartoon Network, Disney Junior, and more.

5. You can get complete access to the streaming library of Hulu with live TV at only $39.99/month value and watch thousands of movies and shows with 100’s of channels. What more you can even enjoy full seasons of your favorite exclusive series, your classic favorites, Original series by Hulu, hit movies, kids shows and lots of other stuff with the Hulu Streaming Library.

Onboarding of Hulu Live TV

There is a sign in option on the homepage of Hulu. When you sign up Hulu will give you an onboarding experience by which you can personalize your Hulu according to your preferences. Hulu asks you to fill up a WatchList if that is available or would ask for your channel interests.

You are allowed to pick up your favorite TV series and shows according to your own personal choice. This onboarding experience is supposed to provide you with your favorite shows and channels.

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What Are The Upgrading Challenges of Hulu Live TV?

You should be aware of some things if you want to upgrade to the live TV service of Hulu. Initially, you can stream these channels on Apple TV, IOS and in a number of Android platforms. Some major platforms like Roku, Amazon Fire TV and much more does not have this facility so do not opt for it if you have these on your devices. Soon more devices will be added.

hulu live devices

The Hulu Application on Mobile Phones

The app of Hulu has five options namely, ‘Home’, ‘My Stuff’, ‘Browse’, ‘Search’, and ‘Profile‘. The Home is the most important part of this application. The “lineup” given on the home screen is actually for your favorite shows and cricket matches.

The company is working on the home screen of this app to give you are a more majestic experience. When you move further from the home screen you may find a number of options like “continue watching” which enables you to watch the shows you have been viewing previously, or “My Channels” which consists of your favorite customized channels. There are around 13 swipes before you finish viewing the entire home screen.

The Cloud DVR feature

cloud DVR

The adding of this feature in Hulu is quite odd. You may expect a button to switch on the DVR section instead you need to swipe more than six times on your home screen to find this feature. This feature creates a lot of confusion as the button used for DVR is the same for content which is to be viewed later.

This feature is only useful if you have missed previous shows or episodes. You can watch it here for free of cost as these episodes may cost you on Netflix or on Amazon Video.

Live TV Recording

This awesome feature of recording your TV shows is offered by Hulu too. According to the system of Hulu, you need to pause the show and then press the plus sign to record the show. Hulu does not have anything labeled as “record” which creates a lot of confusion in using this feature.

What is ‘beta’ in Hulu?

Hulu gives a new interface in the world of Live TV and streaming services. On the home screen the way you swipe the home from other options which can cause jarring on your phone. Hulu creates new thumbnails for other options present on the home screen.

Hulu utilized the entire home screen of your phone and it makes the working of the application easier. The Hulu Live TV services are within the Beta so there are loads of chances of it being changed until it’s launched publicly.


Hulu is improving its working system and its features day by day. But we need to wait and watch if minimizing the existence of DVR and the proper functioning of the recording system improves or confused the users of this service. Till then you should keep enjoying your customized shows on this live TV streaming services.

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